“Can you look this over and tell me if it sounds good?”

How many times have you asked that in a Facebook group full of strangers?

The answers you get back are less than helpful:

  • “The page looks beautiful. I really like that picture of you in the blue dress.”

  • “You forgot to add a comma in this sentence.”

  • “Good job!”

wanna know why asking this question in those groups isn’t a good idea?

The people answering your question don’t know what to look for. They’re more focused on design and grammar usage instead of what really matters…CONVERSIONS.

Conversions = money in your pocket.

You don’t need someone to tell you your design is amazing.

You need someone to tell you how to make your words - make you more money.

If you need your words to make someone click, buy, or sign-up…this tune-up’s for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Untitled design (10).png
Untitled design (10).png
Untitled design (10).png

An expert set of copywriting eyes (mine) to go over your website, landing page, email sequence, or…whatever. If you need words to make you money, I’ll look them over and make sure they do.


A detailed report of actionable tips to make your copy more engaging, more enticing, and better at converting your audience into paying customers.


A one-hour call to go over my findings and coach you through making the changes (and why they’re so important).

The copywriting tune-up covers 3 pages of material. This can be 3 website pages, 3 emails, 3 landing pages, 3 ads, or any combination of these. 

Once you’ve scheduled your tune-up, I’ll be in touch within 24-hours to briefly go over your goals for the copy. Once you send the pages over, I’ll start dialing up your words.

You can expect a detailed report within 24-48 hours. We’ll also schedule a one-hour call to go over the findings and how to implement everything.

Ready for your words to make you more money?

Schedule your copywriting tune-up today!

only $299