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John Wendell Adams- Author


My new book, Payback, is set to release March 29, 2018!

Keep reading to find out what's in store for Jack Alexander in this sequel to "Betrayal."

Jack Alexander, the whistleblower, is intent on moving past the dishonest deeds of his former boss. Nonetheless, he is required by subpoena to testify at her trial. She is put in prison, but before she goes, she vows to pay him back for the hurt he caused her and her family!

As the newly-named President of a recently acquired firm, Jack is kidnapped! His old boss, with a rock solid alibi, has been paroled. Will the FBI and Chicago PD work together to solve the case and rescue Jack?


My client, John Wendell Adams, needed my help during the launch of his second novel. I created this Facebook post to create awareness of the new book that was being released. With my services, he was able to sell out the first launch venue for his book, Payback.


East Coast Corgi Rescue

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Linc & Cole


Coach and Munny

My client, East Coast Corgi Rescue, didn’t have a large budget for Facebook Ads. I created this post and published it in several Facebook groups instead. Within the first day, the business page had increased by over 400 followers and had raised over $1,000 in profit. They were able to cover the surgical costs of one of their rescued Corgis.

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Kids never stop growing, why should their clothing be any different? Our Grow Fonder and Bunny Bottoms fit children in sizes ranging from 3 months to 6 years, 3 different sizes; 3 months-12months, 12months-3t, and 3t-6t!
Clothing made with mom in mind!

Models are all wearing a size 3t-6t.

My client, Linc and Cole, needed help attracting new customers to their brand. I created this post for the “Grand Opening” event that was held on Facebook. The business page had great engagement from this post and used in on their Instagram site as well.

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My client, Coach and Munny, needed help getting new customers. I created this ad to accompany a video they created to give away a free guide. As with all ads, the budget and targeting can affect outcomes. They did bring in new customers through their Facebook page and through sign-ups.