Are your sales falling flat?

Like when you’re in the car with your best friend and she tries to hit notes like Adele...


It ain’t pretty.

You put all this time, energy, & effort into making something new so you can make more money.

New products. New services. New courses.

You’ve made “all the things.”

But, no one’s buying.


Megaphones help, but they aren’t always appropriate.

Instead, you need to speak the language of your ideal customer.

That doesn’t mean you need to use phrases like “hey girl, hey” or “on fleek” or “that’s so lit.”


All you have to do is be yourself.

And, use the right words, of course!

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sound like you, but actually sell stuff.

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Customers to understand what you’re selling, and actually buy it!

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STAND OUT - No more doing what everyone else does.


I’m a conversational copywriter with a knack for getting businesses paid.

Clients call me up when they want to use words that get their customers attention.

My writing has helped rescue Corgis, sell books, and whip people into shape.

 "Stephanie is extremely professional and delivers as promised. Above all, her love for her work is great--Stephanie created content that helped our company engage and connect with our audience of moms. She comes highly recommended by MomsforHire Network." 

— Nahla billie, momsforhire network

"Stephanie came up with some super awesome posts for my social media that was created ideally for my customer. She took the work out of having to post online. Such a time saver when you have so much else going on as a business owner. Thank you Stephanie!"

-Porsha Cole, Linc & Cole